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See a problem, find a solution!

Student Support

As a parent to children in Chilliwack schools, I can see our school staff work tirelessly to support students, but they need more resources to make sure our students get the foundations they need to succeed. I will advocate for:

  • Investment in educational assistants, counsellors, and specialized teachers 

  • Improved communication from the school district to parents on available resources

  • Bussing, portables, and catchment adjustments to ensure that children can access the services they need

Food Security

Kids can’t succeed in school if they don’t have access to nourishing food. Through my work with Bowls of Hope, United Way, Extra Fare, and the Downtown Chilliwack Community Market, I have intimate knowledge of the food security issues that children in Chilliwack face. I will use my vast experience in this field to:

  • Access federal funding for school food programs

  • Ensure that all kids, regardless of disabilities, allergies, and diverse cultural needs, have access to appropriate food.

3 kids
mental health

Over the past three years, our students have faced unprecedented challenges, and they have a renewed and urgent need for mental health support to bolster their learning. While COVID has been a hardship for students everywhere, the ongoing impact of the 2021 flood is unique to our city, and there is not enough staff or training to address these challenges. Chilliwack students need improved access to:

  • In-school counsellors

  • Teachers with training to coach emotional regulation

  • Financial literacy and other life skill training

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