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What is your motivation for running for school trustee?

I have always been passionate about advocacy and public education. When I was 16, I served on the Educational Policy Board as a Chilliwack high school student because I wanted to know more about the rules we were asked to follow and why. Now, I am a mother in the same District and I have frequently been frustrated with the conditions for both students and teachers. I have always been an action-oriented individual and I feel I can serve the board well. Chilliwack is facing many challenges; recovery from the flood and 2.5 years of COVID, economic uncertainty and rising living costs, and struggles with uniting to find a shared vision for our school district and community. I'm a collaborator and a mom who wants the best for my community and my kids, and my experience can bring energy, action, and unity to the board table.

How are you qualified for the position of School Trustee?

I have extensive experience on non-profit boards, including operations, strategic planning, and budgeting. My goal is to collaborate with all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, district staff, and our community at large, to ensure a healthy and robust educational system for Chilliwack's students. I'm also a mom with three kids in the Chilliwack school district, so I understand firsthand the challenges that students and parents are facing. I will bring my professional and lived experience to my role as a Trustee to make sure all voices have a seat at the table. I've also been endorsed by the Chilliwack Teachers Association, CUPE 1760, and the Fraser Valley Labour Council.

How would you support teachers in the Chilliwack District?

Teachers need to be consulted in major district decisions. I will advocate for a teacher liaison on the board to ensure that teachers' needs are being met and they have a voice in decision-making. I will also investigate how we can improve our working conditions to attract and keep top-rate teaching and support staff in Chilliwack. 

Where does donation money go?

Campaigns cost money, including website hosting and campaign signs to get the word out. We are working on a shoestring budget and every dollar counts to help us reach as many people as possible. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and a resident of BC, you can donate as much as $1250 per campaign. Click here to help our campaign succeed.


How do you plan on bringing unity to the board table?

There has been public conflict on the school board, but only those who were present know the details of what has happened behind closed doors. I can’t speak to the past. What I do know is that we should have people at the table who can work together cohesively despite disagreement, who respect human rights and who have the community’s best interests at heart. I look forward to healthy debate and different perspectives from my own, that’s what a democracy is all about. Working in community service, I have ample experience navigating difficult conversations and differences of opinion, and I work hard to do that respectfully and meaningfully. That respect is what will bring unity to the board.


You are involved in so many things! How will you handle the board role on top of all of your commitments?

I’ve deeply considered my commitments as I take on this campaign, and potentially the role of School Trustee. I have plans in place with the incredible teams I work with to step down from leadership board roles, and I have full support of my workplace to take on this position. I’m looking forward to serving my community in a new way, and continuing to participate in the many organizations I’m passionate about in a scaled back way.

How can I support your campaign?

Thanks for asking! You can donate or volunteer! And please tell your friends about the campaign and encourage them to vote! 

How can I contact you?

Email me any time at

Margaret Reid, Chilliwack School Trustee Candidate
Margaret as a student at Central Elementary

A student at Central Elementary

Hometown Chilliwack Nature

Hometown Nature

With several co-founders of Chilliwack Citizens for Change

With several co-founders of Chilliwack Citizens for Change

Community Work for United Way

Community work for United Way

Prepping care packages for frontline workers during COVID

Prepping care packages for frontline workers during COVID

Opening the 2022 season of the Downtown Chilliwack Community Market

Opening the 2022 season of the Downtown Chilliwack Community Market

Assisting with brainstorming Chilliwack Healthier Community's Strategic Action Plan

Brainstorming Chilliwack Healthier Community's Strategic Action Plan

Chilliwack Pride

Chilliwack Pride

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