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Parent-focused - Experienced - Collaborative

Endorsed by the Chilliwack Teachers Association, CUPE 1760, and the Fraser Valley Labour Council

Student Support

As a parent to children in Chilliwack schools, I know our teachers and school staff work tirelessly to support students, but they need more resources to make sure our students get the foundations they need to succeed and bolster literacy and numeracy. I will advocate for:

  • Investment in educational assistants, counsellors, and specialized teachers, including speech therapists and language supports

  • Improved communication from the school district to parents and teachers about available resources, including a board liaison for teachers

  • Access to bussing and portables across catchments to ensure that children can access the specialized services they need

  • Renewed focus on teacher recruitment and retention to ensure Chilliwack's students have access to skilled and experienced teachers*

    • *As of September 11th, 2022, Chilliwack District's job vacancy rate is double the rates of Abbotsford, ​Langley, Maple Ridge and Fraser-Cascade Districts.

Margaret Reid for Trustee
Food Security

Kids can’t learn if they're hungry.* Through my work with Bowls of Hope, United Way, Extra Fare, and the Downtown Chilliwack Community Market, I have intimate knowledge of the food security issues that children in Chilliwack face, which are only growing due to challenges in flood recovery and the sharp increase in cost of living. I will use my vast experience in this field to:

  • Access federal funding for school food programs, ensure parents and staff are consulted on use, and innovate ways to use the funds effectively

  • Ensure that all kids, regardless of disabilities, allergies, and diverse cultural needs, have access to appropriate and nourishing food

  • Collaborate with farmers, churches, and other non-profits to ensure our shared goal of feeding children in Chilliwack is met​​

    • As of July 2021, 13% of Fraser Health residents experience food insecurity compared to 8.8% across Canada, according to a Food Security Impact Report by CHASI at UFV.​

3 kids
mental health

Over the past three years, our students have faced unprecedented challenges, and they have a renewed and urgent need for mental health support to bolster their learning. While COVID has been a hardship for students everywhere, the ongoing impact of the 2021 flood is unique to our city, and there is not enough staff or training to address these challenges. Chilliwack students need improved access to:

  • In-school psychologists to shorten diagnosis wait times*

  • Teachers with training to coach emotional regulation

  • Financial literacy and other life skill training

    • *The Chilliwack District currently has 28 schools and 4 active psychologists as per the district website.​

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